Testamentary trusts are an estate planning tool with many benefits, including tax flexibility and asset protection. But I personally think the most powerful benefit they can offer is the peace of mind that they can give your clients!


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Once your clients understand the benefits of the testamentary trusts, they talk about it with their friends. I was actually having lunch with one of my… well she’s a client and a friend back when I was preparing Wills. I did her will for her and her husband, and she’s got two young kids. And I told her I was doing this webinar and she’s like, “Oh, I love my testamentary trust. I know that I have just done the right thing for my boys, and it doesn’t matter what my husband does if I die, I have just like locked in the protection for my kids.” And so my friend isn’t, – she’s in HR – she’s not a lawyer. We did her will about four years ago, but she still remembers the benefit of the testamentary trust. And the main benefit for her was the peace of mind for her kids.

And so whenever it comes up at a barbecue or anywhere about “Oh, I’ve gotta do my will” or “So and so’s passed away” or anything like that, she goes on about how she’s got this special will – a testamentary, a testimony will. You know, people don’t even remember the jargon, but they know that they’ve done more than the basic will and it just resonates with them. So a lot of the lawyers who are in our program find that their word of mouth referrals do start to increase because it’s not like “I’ll be dead. I don’t care. I’ve just had to hand over this money for something that’s really boring and depressing.” They start getting in that legacy building mode.