Watch my free workshop for lawyers – How to Deliver Testamentary Trusts With Confidence

 Watch my free workshop for lawyers – How to Deliver Testamentary Trusts With Confidence

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"I found the Art of Estate Planning course excellent. Tara presents the course with enthusiasm and has covered all the essential topics for financial advisers. The additional "tips and traps" that Tara offered as well as the worksheets have made this an invaluable tool for my business"

by John

"I found The Art of Estate Planning course after following Tara on Instagram. The content is clear, concise and easy to digest. I really enjoyed the course and it has given me a much fuller understanding of the basics of estate planning. Tara is very passionate about what she does and I can recommend the course to anyone wanting to delve a bit deeper into estate planning options for their clients"

by Andrew

"Thank you for a great first coaching session, the coaching combined with the View Legal online system is exactly what we were looking for. Very happy that have found you on Instagram”

by Kerri

"The course was brilliant and any adviser would get immense value. The staff element cannot be understated. Although Sarah in our office is not specifically client facing, she runs the whole process and giving her this training has made her so much more confident”

by Tim


"Tara is a real joy to work with. Intelligent, easy to talk with and she radiates positive energy and bright colours. In a legal world that is boring and grey, fresh thinking counts for a lot in my book.

She is driven to help her clients in as many ways as possible and to improve the whole legal system in Australia. Not your typical lawyer is the best compliment, I can give you Tara.”

by Lucian from The Brain Squad

"I have worked with Tara as an estate planning lawyer for a number of years now. As a financial advisor, I would often recommend clients review/update their estate plan however, clients would often put it on their ‘to do list’ and never actioned. Tara has assisted my organisation by delivering a legal solution by allowing us to collaborate together as financial and legal advisors to provide a fantastic outcome to our clients, whilst allowing me to remain the trusted advisor where I facilitated and managed the estate planning review process. I have no doubt about Tara’s passion and am grateful of the relationship Tara and I have built over the years, both professionally and personally”

by Deline

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Art of Estate Planning course. I have a fairly good knowledge (as an ex-lawyer) but it was great to get a broad overview and plug the gaps. I’m a big fan of drawing pictures for clients and you do it so well.”

by Kirsten

"Brilliant course that makes estate planning so accessible to all advisers. The best bit is that it also so helpful with regard to the integration into your business. We are big fans!”

by Tim, financial adviser

"Can I just say, I’ve been completing my Masters course in Wills and Estates for some time now and we have covered TT in a lot of detail however I’ve never quite grasped them until I came across your space. For some reason I respond so well to the way you explain them. I was chatting to a few estate planning lawyers at a Law Society event the other night and I passed on your Facebook page and we were saying how it’s a shame that our educators are often overly technical. I think the way you explain them in simple language is a credit to you and shows that you really know your stuff! So thank you! ”

by K, Lawyer