Hi, I’m Tara.

Estate planning lawyer turned educator. 

I’m still a registered lawyer, but these days most of my time is spent mentoring and coaching financial advisers, accountants, and lawyers on how to set up their profitable estate planning service (when I’m not chasing my wild toddler around the beach, that is!).

I spent 8 years learning my craft at McCullough Robertson in Brisbane, where I went from novice to expert.  I specialised in estate planning, tax, asset protection and business succession and learnt from the best. But with only 1 in 4 Australians having a current will in place, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was broken in the current estate planning system.

I jumped at the opportunity be involved in establishing of two cutting edge online estate planning law platforms (elawyer, and then View Legal), both designed to improve access to quality and affordable estate planning solutions.  That experience was invaluable and I really got my hands dirty when it came to understanding what financial advisers and accountants need when working with lawyers to deliver estate planning to their clients in an effective and affordable way.

In 2018 I created The Art of Estate Planning, so I can support financial advisers, accountants and lawyers to leverage their role as their clients’ trusted adviser to get their clients estate planning sorted, all while helping them to leverage estate planning to grow their business.  Through the Art of Estate Planning I offer community, ready-to-go tools and templates, and practical estate planning education.

My mission is to be a happy healthy vibrant lawyer so that I can give the best experience possible to the people who need my help.  If I call you and you hear waves in the background; sorry (not sorry!) But it’s not all chilling on the beach!  I’m incredibly committed to my technical expertise. I am a fellow of the Tax Institute of Australia and I’ve been published in Australia’s leading monthly tax journal, Thompson Reuter’s Weekly Tax Bulletin.  I spent over 13 years working my butt off and specialising deeply in my chosen areas of law, and I’m super focused on maintaining that standard of excellence in my career.  But at the end of the day, it has to be fun! I love sharing my insights about estate planning through videos on YouTube and social media so if you’re not following me yet and would like to get to know me better – check out my social media, especially Instagram where you’ll see daily snippets of my life.



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