Hi, I’m Tara.

Estate planning lawyer turned educator.

I’m still a registered lawyer, but these days most of my time is spent helping other lawyers elevate their estate planning practice with white labelled precedents, strategy support and mentoring.

I spent 8 years learning my craft at McCullough Robertson in Brisbane, where I went from novice to expert.  I practised exclusively in estate planning, tax, asset protection and business succession and learnt from the best.

I then jumped at the opportunity be involved in establishing two cutting-edge online estate planning law platforms (elawyer, and then View Legal), both designed to improve access to quality and affordable estate planning solutions.  That experience was invaluable and I really got my hands dirty when it came to understanding how technology, automation and processes can be leveraged to deliver estate planning services to clients in an effective and affordable way.

In 2018 I founded The Art of Estate Planning – where we offer community, white labelled precedents, ready-to-go estate planning tools, and practical estate planning education.

My ultimate mission is twofold: to empower estate planning lawyers to thrive while simultaneously improving access to high-quality testamentary trust wills for everyday Australians. And yes, if you call me and hear the sound of waves crashing in the background; sorry (not sorry!)

I love sharing my insights about estate planning through videos on YouTube and social media so if you’re not following me yet and would like to get to know me better – check out my social media, especially Instagram where you’ll see daily snippets of my life.



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