Watch my free workshop for lawyers – How to Deliver Testamentary Trusts With Confidence

 Watch my free workshop for lawyers – How to Deliver Testamentary Trusts With Confidence

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“I purchased the TT Starter Pack and found it to be excellent value, as a lawyer practising in this area.
I have shared your video with clients to consolidate what we talk about in our first conference. And, am just now re-reading your content that can be co-branded. I will write my own, but am using yours as a checklist of what would make it a complete info doc.

by Lucy, Lawyer

“Can I just say, I’ve been completing my Masters course in Wills and Estates for some time now and we have covered TT in a lot of detail however I’ve never quite grasped them until I came across your space. For some reason I respond so well to the way you explain them. I was chatting to a few estate planning lawyers at a Law Society event the other night and I passed on your Facebook page and we were saying how it’s a shame that our educators are often overly technical. I think the way you explain them in simple language is a credit to you and shows that you really know your stuff! So thank you!

by K, Lawyer

“So I have set up my relatively new practice (solo) and am really stoked to be a member of the TT club! Really helps feels less isolated and part of a community of learning!

by Charlotte, Lawyer

“Thanks for your work in the TT Precedents club so far. Loving it.

by Andrew, Lawyer

“I have found the TT Precedents Club very valuable so far! Thank you for creating an awesome group of like minded individuals passionate about estate planning. I am a sole practitioner, and although I have admin staff, it is great to have a space to discuss estate planning issues that arise with other knowledgeable solicitors. “

by Monique, Lawyer

“The TT Precedent’s Club is amazing, and I highly recommend it to all EP lawyers! The resources provided by Tara and ideas shared by other members of the club have really helped boost my confidence in providing advice on and drafting EP documents for my own clients. Whether your using Tara’s precedents (which I also highly recommend) or your own, the guidance provided on drafting is second to none. Get yourself in the club or on the waitlist – you won’t regret it! “

by Jono, Lawyer

“Thank you, Tara! I am so happy with these [precedents] and wish I did it sooner! So much better than the precedents I’ve been fighting with to date! “

by Naomi, Lawyer

“I thought I would pass on some feedback from an accountant I was working with. They said that the TT (your precedent) was one of the easiest to understand TTs they have ever seen, and made their job in setting up/assisting in running the TT so much easier! I absolutely love the docs too! “

by Jono, Lawyer