When should you review your estate plan?  While our ultimate goal is to create an estate planning strategy that you can ‘set and forget’, it is vital that you undertake an annual review to check that your estate planning strategy and documentation remain appropriate. Watch the video to check when you need to review your estate plan.

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Hi. I’m Tara. And today, I want to leave you with an estate planning tip about reviewing your wills. A good estate planning lawyer will leave you with an estate plan that you don’t have to come back and change all the time. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pull it out and take a look at it fairly regularly.

The kinds of things that you should look at when you pull out your will and have a look at it are firstly is everybody who you have nominated under the documents are still able to act, have they died, have people got divorced, have your children grown up to become adults now, and should they be nominated instead of friends and family? Who did you put in place to look after your children if they are still minors, are you happy with that?

With the lead up to Christmas, there’s a lot of travel going on, it’s the perfect time to find two minutes to just check up on your estate planning documents and make sure you’re still happy with them or make a few little changes to keep them up-to-date. Have a great day. Thanks for joining me.

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