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How you can launch your Estate Planning Service (without being a lawyer)

Watch my free webinar: How you can launch your Estate Planning Service (without being a lawyer)

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the art of estate planning…

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Art of Estate Planning course! Tara’s delivery was extremely engaging, easy to understand and I now feel empowered to make this part of my day to day process. “

by Sean, Financial Adviser

“The course was brilliant and any adviser would get immense value. The staff element cannot be understated. Although Sarah in our office is not specifically client facing, she runs the whole process and giving her this training has made her so much more confident “

by Tim, Financial Adviser

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Art of Estate Planning course. I have a fairly good knowledge (as an ex-lawyer) but it was great to get a broad overview and plug the gaps. I’m a big fan of drawing pictures for clients and you do it so well “

by Kirsten, Financial Adviser

“Brilliant course that makes EP so accessible to all advisers. The best bit is that it also so helpful with regard to the integration into your business. We are big fans! “

by Tim, Financial Adviser

“I have worked with Tara as an estate planning lawyer for a number of years now. As a financial advisor, I would often recommend clients review/update their estate plan however, clients would often put it on their ‘to do list’ and never actioned. Tara has assisted my organisation by delivering a legal solution by allowing us to collaborate together as financial and legal advisors to provide a fantastic outcome to our clients, whilst allowing me to remain the trusted advisor where I facilitated and managed the estate planning review process. I have no doubt about Tara’s passion and am grateful of the relationship Tara and I have built over the years, both professionally and personally. “

by Deline, Financial Adviser

“Tara is an exceptional presenter who knows how to engage with her audience and turn what some may consider to be boring into a fun and highly informative topic. Tara has incredible knowledge of estate planning and this is one of the big areas advisers can add value with clients and ensure that they continue to participate in the intergeneration transfer of wealth by helping the parents move from accumulation to retirement and then aged care while turning their kids into clients of the future. Thank you Tara for being so awesome! If you want to know more about how much value Tara brings to advisers, call me “

by Michael Gershkov, National Practice Manager, Lifespan

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