I love helping clients reach peace of mind about the protection

of their wealth and transition to the next generation


Hi, I’m Tara Lucke.  Pleasure to meet you!  I want to be upfront – because that’s how I roll.   I’m not your typical lawyer.  In a lot of ways.  I only do estate planning, tax, asset protection, business succession, trusts and super. No disputes; No property stuff; Do not call me if you’re in an accident or in trouble! But if you want peace of mind about the protection of your wealth and its transition to the next generation, or if you need to optimise your business structure for asset protection and tax minimisation – I’m your woman!

I am all about supporting financial advisers and accountants to use estate planning to grow their business and entrench themselves as their client’s trusted adviser.

One of my favourite things is sharing my estate planning tips and tricks through video and social media and that has inspired me to launch The Art of Estate Planning – an online course for advisers who want to confidently use estate planning to build trust, give their clients peace of mind and to generate additional revenue from existing clients.

In 2014 I co-founded an online estate planning law firm and that experience made me super passionate about better ways to do the business of law; I use upfront value pricing, outsourcing, offshoring, using automation, and social media to provide quality solutions and price certainty for clients – I know none of these ideas are particularly radical but in the world of law this is pushing the limits!  I ended up leaving the firm that I co-founded and am now a Group Principal with Nexus Law Group – an innovative full service law firm with a wealth of senior legal experience. 

I try to bring colour, freshness and vibrancy to your legal experience.  Because that’s exactly how I like to live my life.  I’m location independent and I’ve worked really hard to make my career suit my lifestyle. Moving to the Gold Coast was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!  Most days I wake up early with the sunrise and spend the morning practicing yoga & having a coffee with my friends.  Then I’ll jump online and do some awesome work with amazing people all over the country.  I always make sure I have time to head down and relax on the beach or go for a surf.  So if I call you and you hear waves in the background; sorry (not sorry!).

My mission is to be a happy healthy vibrant lawyer so that I can give the best experience possible to the people who need my help. But it’s not all chilling on the beach!  I’m incredibly committed to my technical expertise as a lawyer. I am a fellow of the Tax Institute of Australia and I’ve been published in Australia’s leading monthly tax journal, Thompson Reuter’s Weekly tax Bulletin.  I spent 10 years working my butt off at McCullough Robertson and View Legal specialising deeply in my chosen areas of law, and I’m super focused on maintaining that standard of excellence in my career.  But at the end of the day, it has to be fun! I love sharing my insights about estate planning through videos on YouTube and social media so if you’re not following me yet and would like to get to know me better – check out my social media, especially Instagram where you’ll see daily snippets of my life in my stories.



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Using estate planning to grow your business

Using estate planning to grow your business

Using estate planning to grow your business

Using estate planning to grow your business

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